In 2000, I moved away from the corporate world and into a profession that could better satisfy my passion for travel and it brought me to a new passion I had yet to explore: art.

While the motive of this idea was always simplistic at heart, my requisites for the company I wished to start were more decisive.

Wanting to have a role in my local community of New Orleans, and to represent artists at a national & international level, I acted as an agent for artists and galleries in Paris, who were looking to enter the stateside market. Soon, I had acquired a thoughtfully curated list of artists, and, equally important, a selective list of clients, ranging from personal to commercial projects, finding success in this practice for several years.


However, it was when I met the Houston-based artist michelle y williams that I discovered the larger picture. After building a close friendship and a prosperous business relationship, we jointly opened and operated two michelle y williams galleries, in Houston and New Orleans. In this new position I transitioned into the challenge of gallery management, while maintaining a few key relationships. I was able to hone in on what it takes to manage, not just simultaneous projects, but the foundational concerns of a grounded location.


As my time in the gallery progressed, and my interactions with law firms, restaurants, and other commercial endeavors grew, I felt prepared to move into a more independent and wider-reaching position of my own.


Susan Illing Fine Art is the culmination of over a decade of experience in the art industry, and is an agency that serves in assisting clients with understanding which artwork is best tailored for their home or workplace. It’s a journey of passion, engagement, and appreciation behind every acquisition, and SIFA is proud to represent an exceptional group of artists.